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Florastor Kids Probiotic 20 Sachets helps your children with healthy digestion while keeping their taste buds happy. It promotes favorable gut flora, reduces the risk of diarrhea caused by antibiotics and improves your child's immune system by supporting the gut health.

It's the only probiotic with Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745, a unique probiotic strain with over 65 years of research worldwide and used by millions of families around the world. It's also made with natural ingredients derived from mangosteen and lychee that are vegetarian.


  • Helps strengthen your kids’ immune system by supporting their gut health
  • Prevents or reduces the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and gut imbalance
  • Treats or reduces the symptoms related to acute infectious diarrhea
  • 5 billion live cells per capsule
  • 10x bigger than bacterial cells for increased coverage and protection
  • Can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics
  • Tutti Frutti Flavor & Vegetarian

Florastor Kids Probiotic 20 Sachets

SKU: 80015526
  •  For children (1-12 years): 500 mg/day

  • Each capsule contains 5 Billion CFUs (250 mg) of Saccharomyces boulardii lyo patented strain CNCM-I745.

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