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Satisfy your coffee craving while avoiding the afternoon crash with our Harmonic Arts Kickstart Tea 160 Grams. Robust and earthy, this revitalizing blend features Chaga, Roasted Dandelion Root, Yerba Mate and rich, heirloom Cacao. 

Our Elixirs are good for you, and good for the planet. They feature compostable packaging, and through our partnership with 1% For the Planet, 1% of every Elixir sale is donated directly to the Cumberland Community Forest Society to support forest conservation. 

  • 100% Organic Ingredients 
  • Ethical Sourcing 
  • Fruiting Body Mushrooms 
  • Compostable Packaging 

To effectively control moisture within the package, the use of a desiccant is recommended. It is included in the finished good and should be kept with the product while stored, tightly closed when the product is not in use.

Harmonic Arts Kickstart Tea 160 Grams

SKU: 4281507307
  • *Cacao Powder, *Ramon Nut, *Maca, *Chaga Mushroom Extract, *Roasted Yerba Mate, *Indian Sarsaparilla, *Roasted Dandelion Root, and *Guarana

    *Certified Organic by EcoCert
    Made with 100% organic ingredients.

  • Hot Elixir:
    2TSP (6g) Kickstart + 1TSP Coconut Oil + 1TSP Honey + 8OZ (236ML) Hot Water, Tea or Nut Mylk.
    Combine in blender, makes 1 serving.

    Cold Elixir:
    2TSP (6g) Kickstart + 8OZ (236ML) Nut Mylk + 1TSP Honey
    Combine in blender, makes 1 serving. Add ice cubes.

    Servings per container:
    140g = 23
    420g = 70

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