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X-Pur Xylitol Mints Fruit 180 Pieces help combat dry mouth symptoms and care for your teeth with these X-PUR xylitol pastilles. The delicious fruit flavours add a pleasing taste, while the unique formula works alongside your regular oral care routine to help prevent cavities. These xylitol pastilles are free from gluten and sugar to meet your personal ingredient requirements. Created to help stimulate saliva production, these X-PUR xylitol pastilles offer a smart choice for those with diabetes or who take certain medications.

X-PUR Gums & Pastilles contain 100% medicinal grade xylitol to stimulate saliva production and fight dental cavities. X-PUR’s high quality medicinal grade xylitol is the only one recognized by Health Canada to stimulate saliva. It has been scientifically proven to hydrate the mouth by increasing the production of saliva.


X-Pur Xylitol Mints Fruit 180 Pieces

SKU: 80036707
  • Adults: 2 to 4 pastilles, 3 to 5 times per day. Children 6 years and older: 2 to 4 pastilles, 3 to 4 times per day.


  • A gradual introduction to xylitol is recommended since it could have a mild laxative effect in the case of excessive consumption. Keep away from dogs.

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