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Stimulate digestion and promote regularity with our Harmonic Arts Digestive Harmony Tincture 50 mL tincture.

  • Supports nutrient absorption.
  • Relieves chronic gas, bloating and pain.
  • Promotes flow of bile and gastric juices to the intestinal tract.
  • Featuring Meadowsweet, Fennel and Peppermint ease digestive distress.

Use our Digestive Harmony tincture blend if you’re experiencing acute or chronic digestive disturbances, or lack of appetite.

Harmonic Arts Digestive Harmony Tincture 50 mL

SKU: 80079259
  • Traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsia, and as a digestive tonic and bitter to help stimulate appetite and aid digestion.

    Duration of Use:
    Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 2 weeks.

    Recommended Dose:
    Adults: 1.5-3ml 2-3 times/day

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