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Medical Consultation

Pharmacy Services

Minor Ailments and Contraception Services

    Our Pharmacist can assess you and prescribe or recommend treatments for these conditions:

  • acne (mild) 

  • allergies and hay fever                     

  • canker sores                               

  • cold sores

  • dermatitis                                          

  • fungal infection of skin or nail         

  • headache                                   

  • heartburn (GERD)

  • hemorrhoids                                     

  • hives or itching skin                           

  • impetigo                                       

  • indigestion

  • menstrual pain                               

  • nicotine dependence                         

  • oral thrush                                   

  • pink eye

  • pinworms and threadworms       

  • shingles                                               

  • strains and sprains (musculoskeletal)                                             

  • urinary tract infection (uncomplicated)                                                     

  • vaginal yeast infection

  • Our Pharmacist can also prescribe and provide many types of contraceptives.

   How it works
1. Use the self-assessment guide to check your symptoms:
2. If your symptoms match one of the minor ailments, or if you want to discuss contraception, either book online  your appointment with our Pharmacist, or call to make an appointment, or visit Mettra Pharmacy as a Walk-in.
3. At Mettra Pharmacy, our Pharmacist will assess your symptoms or discuss your contraception needs with you. We will explain the best options for your care. This could include a prescription, over-the-counter medication, self-care advice, or advice to visit another health care professional for further assessment.

Vaccines and other medications administered by injection

   Feel free to contact our Pharmacist to discuss your immunization needs. Vaccines can be prescribed and offered to administer by our injection-certified pharmacist. Some of them are publicly funded, and others are needed to be paid out-of-pocket or might be covered by your insurance provider.

   New! Now many medication injections, such as Depo-Provera, vitamin B-12 (if authorized by a prescriber), and others with some limitations, can also be administered by our Pharmacist. The administration of vaccines (excluding travel) and prescribed injection medications is free of charge for BC residents.

Speak with us to learn more!

Prescription Adaptations

   Depending on the specific circumstances, there might be different types of prescription adaptations implemented by our Pharmacist. The most common one is a prescription renewal for continuity of care. In other situations, if needed, our Pharmacist may adapt a prescription for changing a dose, formulation, or regimen, or make a therapeutic drug substitution. The main idea behind this service is not to leave any patient without the treatment, even if their prescription is not quite correct or missing some details, or their practitioner is unavailable.

Medication Reviews

   Our Pharmacist will sit down with you in a private consultation room and go thoroughly over all medications, supplements, and vitamins currently taken. We also want to know lifestyle habits and health concerns to better understand you as a whole. We will discuss your medications, side effects, and treatment targets, check for drug interactions, take your blood pressure, and answer any questions you may have.

Blister Packaging

   Daily, weekly, and monthly blister packs as simple as once daily to as complex as four times daily. We encourage patients to add all their regular OTC drugs and supplements to blister packs too. Free service for all our patients to help with compliance with their medications and make their lives easier.

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