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Powerful antioxidant protection

  • A high potency extract of olive leaf
  • Flavonoid rich and standardized to 75 mg of antioxidant oleuropein
  • Antioxidant and general health benefits of the Mediterranean diet
  • Olive Leaf Extract is an excellent supplement for those desiring some of the antioxidant and general health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Olive products are a key part of Mediterranean diets, and olive leaves have been widely used by the Greeks and Romans for centuries.

    AOR Olive Leaf Extract 60caps is standardized for oleuropein which is its main active constituent. Oleuropein is metabolized to hydroxytyrosol in the body, which is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Antioxidant activity is integral to healthy immune system function and cellular health.  It is the ideal formula for someone looking for broad-spectrum immune support and antioxidant protection.

    AOR Advantage

    AOR’s Olive Leaf Extract provides the highest potency of the extract available standardized for 75 mg of oleuropein, which is responsible for many of its powerful antioxidant effects.

AOR Olive Leaf Extract 60 caps

SKU: 80021708
  • Olive Leaf extract (20% oleuropein)

    400 mg

    Non-medicinal Ingredients*: microcrystalline cellulose and sodium stearyl fumarate. Capsule: hypromellose.

    *NMIs are subject to change. Always read and follow the label for accurate ingredient and allergen information.

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