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Introducing our new Green Valley Aromatherapy Dream Easy Blend 10mL. Dream Easy is a synergy of Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Mandarin essential oils and Vanilla boosted. This delightful, comforting blend is gentle and soothing, like a warm embrace from a loved one or snuggling into freshly washed bed linen. A lovely blend to calm and pacify. Dream Easy can be useful as a sleep aid for children over the age of 2; either a drop or two in a diffuser or a maximum dilution of 2 drops per 10ml of carrier oil or lotion.

Mandarin essential oil – calming and sedating while also uplifting ones mood, Mandarin is an exceptional essential oil for children in particular.

Lavender essential oil – one of the best known essential oils for relaxation, Lavender has calmative and anti-anxiety properties and a scent that is well tolerated by most.

Roman Chamomile essential oil – This is another essential oil long used for pacifying stress, unease and agitation.

Vanilla boosted extract – Vanilla is used as the warm, nostalgic base that unites the other oils in this blend.

Green Valley Aromatherapy Dream Easy Blend 10mL

SKU: 4413501990
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