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Natural Calm Sleep Wild Berry 113 Grams provides a blend of natural sleep-promoting ingredients. Getting enough sleep is the most important thing you could do for your health - heart and blood vessels repair themselves, immune functions strengthen and hormones balance. Containing 150mg of magnesium and 100mg of GABA Calmful Sleep tastes like a delicious fruit tea, with organic wild berry flavour. With no added sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavours or colours. [POWDER]

Natural Calm Sleep Wild Berry 113 Grams

SKU: 80013188

    Contains no added yeast, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, sugar, fructose, starch, preservatives or artificial colour or flavour. Vega, gluten free, GMO free, cruelty free. Formulated for adults only. Keep out of reach of children. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery following consumption. Consult a physician if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are currently on medication.

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