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Gintonik is an important immune system supporter.

Energy is increased as is resistance to stress. This formula of Naturiste GINTONIK 28 Ampoules, promotes physical and mental vigor and provides support to combat the stress of daily life.

It contains 2 types of Siberian and Asian Ginseng, as well as Reishi, an active ingredient known to promote increased immune resistance, disease prevention and control of infectious agents.

It also promotes increased resistance to colds and flu and provides a strong immune system in all seasons.

Naturiste GINTONIK 28 Ampoules

SKU: 80049797
  • Adult. Dosage (oral): 1 to 2 phials, once a day, in a glass of water or juice.

    To avoid digestive discomfort, consume preferably with food.

    Avoid consuming before bedtime.

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