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  • Provacare works naturally and is clinically proven to treat and prevent both Vaginal Yeast Infection and Bacterial Infections.
  • Only Provacare contains the patented LCR Regenerans, which is a specifically processed strain of Lactobacillus Casei Rhamnosus. The key components of this unique strain include a Prebiotic, a Probiotic and a Eubiotic.
  • The Prebiotic in the LCR Regenerans Strain is a culture medium that nourishes and grows the LCR Regenerans Probiotic. The LCR Regenerans Probiotic is clinically proven to treat and prevent infections, while the Eubiotic is a powerful metabolites which defend the LCR Regenerans and contribute to its effectiveness.
  • Provacare's clinically proven formula naturally helps restore balance - relieving symptoms of burning, stinging, dryness and excessive discharge.
  • Provacare Probiotic Vaginal Care helps restore and maintain your vaginal ecosystem with the correct amount of healthy bacteria, which prevent future infections.

Provacare Probiotic Vaginal Care

SKU: 80039318
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